Skara Logistik AB Whistleblower

Sension Whisteblower System exists to make employees and business partners feel safe when anonymously reporting irregularities and misconduct that has occured when working with or at the company. When you register a case, you will be given a username and password. Make sure to keep them at a safe place. You will need the login information to have further, anonymous, contact with an administrator. Please note that the administrator might ask about more information to make an thorough investigation. Your personal details might be requested to make sure you are covered by the law.

When reporting, your anonymity is guaranteed. The Whistleblower System exists to make you feel safe throughout the process.

Case is registered

When you have completed your case report, you will receive login information to log in and have continued contact with an administrator.

Case is being processed

The company has appointed administrators, with professional secrecy, who receive and handle your case.

Dialogue with the administrator

Log in with your login details to have continued dialogue with the administrator about your case.